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Load the key into ssh-agent

Error ssh-add

Copy paste saja biar gampang di ingat.
If you load your private key into an agent, it will hold the decrypted key in memory. Otherwise, you would have have to enter the key's passphrase every time you connect.
To load the key, run
and enter the key's passphrase. (If your key is not in the default location ~/.ssh/id_rsa, you will need to provide the full path. For example, ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa_my_ssh_key)
If ssh-add says "Could not open a connection to your authentication agent.", then you don't have a SSH agent running. Launch one using this command:
eval $(ssh-agent)
If you are using GNOME, gnome-keyring-daemon usually provides the same SSH agent functionality as ssh-agent, so you should not need to start anything. GNOME will automatically load and unlock the key on login, too. (I don't use KDE, so I don't know anything about that.)

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